Routes walked are shown on the map below. Each is an illustration of a tenuous connection between the city and the wild. They are made available as a resource for the public. Click on the image below to see the routes in detail. Note: the routes do not always indicate established trails.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.27.19 PM

Coyote Walk Routes on Openstreetmap

  • 2009 Peekskill, NY (66 mi.)
  • 2010 Riverside, CT (45 mi.)
  • 2011 Suffern, NY (54 mi.)
  • 2012 Mount Kisco, NY (59.5 mi)
  • 2013 Northport Long Island, NY (54.3 mi.)
  • 2014 Pleasantville, NY (44.1 mi.)
  • 2015 Scarborough, NY (44.1 mi.)
  • 2016 Philipse Manor, NY (47.2 mi.)







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